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Welcome to the School District of Greenfield website. If you spend a few minutes navigating our website, you will see that Greenfield is an amazing place to live, work, learn and have fun. A successful school district depends on the positive interactions between students, parents, teachers, administrators, the Board and the community. In Greenfield, the relationships between these groups are second to none. 

The citizens of Greenfield are tremendously supportive of the District. Greenfield High School now has an entirely new academic wing, a new performing arts center and swimming pool. The cafeteria and kitchen have been completely renovated and updated and the athletic fields are completely new. We are incredibly thankful to our parents, extended families, business owners, residents and civic leaders for their support of our schools.
Educating children, adolescents, and young adults is simply the most important responsibility that exists in a democratic society.  We must ensure that our youth become caring, intelligent and resourceful citizens if they are to be successful in an increasingly competitive and global society. Our young learners need to be creative problem-solvers who can critically examine the world around them in order to improve their lives and the lives of others. 
We live in rapidly changing time, with advances in technology and access to resources reaching levels that no one could have predicted just a few years ago. Young people today face images and information from so many different places, and in real time, that determining fact from fiction and right from wrong can be exceedingly difficult. We must be diligent in helping our youngest citizens determine the right thing to do, often by simply asking if a decision will hurt oneself or others. By fostering a sense of commitment to the greater good, we can help children and youth take responsibility for their actions, and make the proper decisions. 
The teachers, administrators and support staff of the School District of Greenfield are committed to helping each student gain a respect for self, a respect for others, a solid work ethic and an appreciation for all of life’s opportunities. Young people cannot sit back and let life happen to them, they must determine their level of success and happiness by working hard, treating others with dignity and making positive choices. In partnership with parents and the other adults in our community, our staff members create meaningful learning opportunities and model the type of conduct that leads to a productive, enjoyable life.
Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the School District of Greenfield team if you ever have any questions, ideas or feedback. On behalf of the Board of Education, our Teachers, the Management Team and the entire Staff, we look forward to working with anyone interested in helping our students reach their potential.
Thank you for your support!